Mrs Julie Haighton chaired the meeting which opened with 23 members, 2 guests and the speaker all singing Jerusalem. The sad news of the death of a member, Mrs Anne Hammond and also the partners of 2 other members was passed to the meeting and a minute’s silence observed. Co-president Connie Welton has been unwell and the members good wishes would be passed to her. On a happier note; it was reported that members had very much enjoyed recent trips to see Anton & Erin and also Jesus Christ Superstar. Future trips include a well-dressing at Eyam on 30th August and a Fabergé exhibition at Buckingham Palace on 27th September. A good number of entries had been gathered for the Cheshire Show and there were reports on the village hall, future charity events and the finances.



Judith Mawer talked to us about “Life As An Airline Pilot”. Judith explained what is needed in order to become an airline pilot and then went on to describe a typical day. She traced the complicated path from selection, through initial flying and navigation training on to twin engine training, instrument ratings and type ratings until fully qualified. All of this was liberally interspersed with written exams and practical flying tests. Once qualified, there are supervised sectors, line checks, simulator checks, annual medicals and continuation training in flying and safety procedures. Judith explained a typical flight, starting with flight planning, including weather reports and other relevant airspace information to decide diversion airfields. Passenger numbers and amount of cargo as well as the distance to go and weather are all factors used in order to work out the amount of fuel required. It was comforting to know that there are many safety margins included in the planning. This was a fascinating and extremely well-delivered and illustrated talk and it engendered much enthusiasm and many questions from members.



We rounded off the evening with tea and marvellous cakes made by Rowena Topham and Rosemary Johnson. It was agreed that the flowers would be sent to Connie Welton who has been unwell. The next meeting will be on 28th April when Ged Ryan will tell us all about “British Bats”.




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