Connie Welton, our co-President, pronounced the Garden Meeting; a great success. Members and guests had enjoyed a beautiful evening with good food and company. Members were thanked for the catering, flowers, raffle prizes etc. Rosalind Jackson, our treasurer, was thanked warmly for opening her fabulous garden on 5th July which had raised funds for our WI. After so much wet weather, the afternoon had been sunny and warm. Connie and Rosalind expressed their appreciation to the members for making cakes and generally helping and supporting.


Members were invited to sign a petition regarding this year’s WI resolution “Employment of more Midwives”. Details were finalised for trips to Abbeywood Gardens in August and to Buckingham & Kensington Palaces in September. Members were asked to consider becoming a trustee for the Village Hall as 2 or 3 more are needed. It was announced that there would be bubbly and nibbles and a Birthday cake for our 90th birthday celebration at the September meeting. It was suggested that suffragette colours of purple and green might be worn as the speaker’s subject is “My Grandma was a Suffragette”.


Stuart Yarwood told us about “Farming in Challenging Times”. Farming has been in his family for three generations. His grandfather started the farm in 1922 with 200 acres and was the first farmer to introduce irrigation systems in Cheshire. Happily his son wants to follow him into farming so there will be a fourth generation and they will hopefully be able to celebrate 100 years of farming at Meadow Green. All the milking cows must have passports and farmers live in fear of TB and “foot and mouth”. As a result the laws are very strict on the disinfection of farm vehicles. Cows are tested every 60 days for TB and plans for the future include badgers being vaccinated against TB. Paperwork now takes up a lot of farmers’ time. Stuart is very passionate about his farming and has marched about milk pricing which was on the TV news. He gave an overall impression that farming is a way of life rather than just an occupation and it’s all about coping with the ups and downs and surviving!


Margaret Nightingale and Jean Irlam provided the lovely flowers and the delicious refreshments and the flowers were then presented to Jean. The next meeting will be the Social Meeting and meal at Peover Golf Club at 7pm on Thursday 30th August.




Vivienne Cunningham


Press Officer


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