POLICE REPORT – Knutsford Police March 2017

02/03 Convex mirror stolen from end of drive way of property along Birkenheath lane Ashley.


04/03 Male arrested for an assault at 11.30 hours on Mereside Rd Mere.


06/03 Criminal damage – graffiti found on children’s play area

Moorside – Knutsford.


07/03  x 2 suspicious males in M registered White transit van around 13.00 hours. One male was seen to walk to the rear of  property on Trouthall lane in Plumley and when asked – told the caller he was removing rubbish which was not true.


10/03 Theft from garage at a property on Bexton lane in Knutsford. Garage door has been lifted overnight and a large quantity has been stolen.


10/03 Burglary at property on Springwood avenue – Knutsford. Overnight, Front door has been possibly tampered with and was found wide open in the evening. Nothing stolen.


10/03 Burglary at an address on Merlin avenue –Knutsford. Offenders have smashed the rear door and stolen a safe containing a large quantity of alcohol overnight.

12/03 Theft from motor vehicle overnight. square Mobberley. Offenders have entered by means unknown and stolen property left in vehicle.


12/03  Theft from motor vehicle overnight. Offenders have entered vehicle my unknown means and have stolen property.


17/03 Around 13.15 there was an attempt burglary to an address on Goughs lane – Knutsford. 3 males were seen running away from the rear of a property and jump into a Red S reg Mercedez and make off at speed. Males were disturbed by the owner retuning back at the address.


28/03  Theft from garage to a property on Summersway Knutsford. Garage has been entered by means unknown and 2 pedal cycles have been stolen.


28/03  Theft of vehicle registration plate from motorcycle on Snelson lane Snelson.


29/03  Theft from insecure garage on Ashworth park Knutsford, Personal items of property has been stolen.