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Final Report

We now present our Final Report to the residents of the Parish here

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Radbroke Hall Liasion

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Road Action Safety Plan

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Reports From The Parish Plan Action Groups


Manchester Airport Monitoring Group

Barry Wienholdt, Glynn Heselwood and Ian Harty


Over Peover lies beneath a departure route from Manchester Airport known as LIS 1 R (the “green corridor”) which is reserved for “propeller and light jets – daytime only 06.00 – 22.00 hours”.

The Over Peover Parish Plan recorded an overwhelming response to the effect that the Parish should establish a Group to keep in touch with Manchester Airport with a view to monitoring future expansion plans and to monitoring the restrictions on the type of aircraft using the “Green Corridor”.

The Group has been in contact with the Group Planning Director at Manchester Airport who as recently reported as follows:-  “In the current climate there is little if anything to report on future developments as our investment programme tends to be related to passenger growth – and that is something we are not seeing at present. Similarly, there has been no change, and none currently envisaged, to airspace or operating procedures which would change our current practice”.

This situation is borne out by a recent press report that Manchester Airport passenger numbers dropped by 136,000 in January 2009 compared to a year earlier, with around 2,500 fewer flights a month and 500 international services withdrawn.

The Group will continue to monitor events on an ongoing basis.

Nevertheless, it is important that residents remain vigilant and report any infringements of the Airport’s undertakings in relation to the Green Route. If you observe larger noisier jets overflying the Parish please phone Manchester Airport on 0161 489 2050 and request that  your report is recorded, and ask for a formal response.

Best Kept Village Group

Judy Wienholdt, Lynne Clark, Helen Edwards, Jill Wille, Diana Payne, Penny Hughes.

Our group is now springing into action!

The judging for the Best Kept village commences the beginning of April and continues until the end June, and then there are intermediate inspections until the end August when the judging takes place. We have arranged for the two splay areas Well Bank Lane/Cinder Lane and Well Bank Lane/ Laundry Lane (diagonally opposite the school) to be cleared, this will come out of our budget, and then to be mown once a month during the summer months. The Parish Council have kindly agreed to pay for this ongoing work.

We will be planting more bulbs in the Autumn around the village. We are going to clean and where necessary paint the Notice Boards and clean the road signs before the judging begins and also we are all going to “litter pick” at the end of March. Litter picking is ongoing and anyone who sees litter should pick it up!

We have had a response from BT regarding the telephone box on Well Bank Lane which is badly in need of repair, and they say they will attend to it but when that will be is unknown!

Judy Wienholdt March 2009

HomeWatch Group

Geoff Howard, Glynn Heselwood, Peter Clark, Kathy Doyle, Penny Hughes.


The Homewatch group have been very active – see their HomeWatch webpage by clicking on the menu


Our Environment Action Group

Glynn Heselwood, Ian Hayes, Lynne Clark

The ‘Our Environment’ Action Group as been formed to implement recommendations 1 and 2 from the Over Peover, Parish Plan. These relate to Planning issues and Conservation Areas.

The group has four members all of whom are residents of the village. They are Glynn Heselwood (Chair), Lynne Clark, Ian Hayes and Barry Wienholdt.

The Group, which is working closely with the Parish Council, has drawn up proposals for a Supplementary Planning Document for Over Peover.

The proposals have been submitted to Macclesfield Borough Council and feedback is currently waited. We have received a commitment that our submission is included in the programme of work going forward for the new Cheshire East Unitary Authority.

The Supplementary Planning Document has been based on the sentiments expressed by respondents to the Parish Plan questionnaire which reflected a strong desire to preserve and protect our existing village environment.

If adopted by the Local Authority the Supplementary Planning Document will become part of the planning process requiring the planners to consult its provisions when considering planning applications in Over Peover.

With regard to Conservation Areas the Group has established that Conservation Area status for areas within Peover Park

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