Parish Council Finance

The Parish Council finances are subject to the Parish Council’s Financial Regulations and also to both an internal and external audit process.  The internal audit is conducted for the parish council by a local accountant whilst the external audit is conducted by PKF Littlejohn LLP, a firm of accountants appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited.

The External Audit requirements for council’s with a turnover of under £25,000 a year is to cease in 2017 and replaced by the transparency code.  This code requires councils to list on line details of:

  • All expenditure over £100 (Can be found on the parish council’s finance page below)
  • The end of year accounts, annual governance statement and internal audit report (Can be found on the parish council’s finance page below)
  • An explanation of any differences between balances carried forward and total cash and short term investments if applicable (Can be found on the parish council’s finance page below)
  • Details of public land and building assets owned by the council (Can be found on the parish council’s finance page below)
  • A list of Councillor or member responsibilities (can be found on the who’s who page)
  • Draft Minutes from all full council meetings (can be found on the parish council minutes page published no later than 1 month after the meeting)
  • Meeting agendas and associated meeting papers (can be found on the parish council’s meetings and agendas page published not later than 3 clear days before the meeting is taking place)

The Parish Council Responsible Financial Officer is also responsible for publishing a commencement date for a single period of 30 working days when the accounts can be inspected by electors.

Financial Report 28-04-2020 to 26-05-2020

Financial Report 01-04-2020 to 28-04-2020

Financial Report 26-02-2020 to 31-03-2020

Financial Report 15-01-2020 to 25-02-2020

Financial Report 27-11-2019 to 14-01-2020

Financial Report 30-10-2019 to 26-11-2019

Financial Report 18-09-2019 to 29-10-2019

Financial Report 22-07-2019 to 17-09 2019

Financial Report 26-06-2019 to 21-07-2019

Financial Report 01-05-2019 to 25-06-2019

Accounts 2018-19

Audit 2018-19

Financial Report 26-03-2019 to 29-04-2019

Financial Report 26-02-2019 to 25-03-2019

Financial Report 08-01-2019 to 25-02-2019

Financial Report 27-11-2018 to 07-01-2019

Financial Report 30-10-2018 to 26-11-2018

Financial Report 24-09-2018 to 29-10- 2018

Financial Report 27-06-2018 to 23-09-2018

Financial Report 29-05-2018 to 26-06-2018

Financial report 24-04-2018 to 29-05-2018

Auditor Report & Certificate 2017-18

Audit 2017/18

Financial report 27-02-2018 to 24-04-2018

Financial report 28-11-17 to 27-02-18

Financial report 23-05-2017 to 27-06-2017

Audit 2017

Financial report 28-03-17 to 25-04-17

Financial report 28-02-17 to 28-03-17

Financial report 10-01-17 to 28-02-17

Financial report 27-09-16 to 10-01-17

Audit 2016

Financial report 26-07-16 to 27-09-16

Financial report 28-06-16 to 26-07-16

Financial report 26-04-16 to 28-06-16

Financial report 23-02-16 to 26-4-16

Financial report 12-01-16 to 23-02-16

Financial report 24-11-15 to 12-01-16

Financial report 27-10-15 to 24-11-15

Financial report 15-09-15 to 27-10-15

Financial report 28-7-15 to 15-09-15

Financial report 30-06-15 to 28-07-15

Financial report 19-05-15 to 30-06-15

Financial report 31-03-15 to 19-05-15

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