Parish Council


Peover Superior Parish Council (or OPPC) provides democratic representation for Parish residents, especially in dealings with Cheshire East Council.

OPPC has a complement of 8 elected Councillors and employs the services of a Parish Clerk (see Who’s Who). The Council liaises with Cheshire East Council, with the Village Hall Management Committee, and with other groups in the Parish.

The Council receives details of Village Planning Applications (and subsequent decisions) from Cheshire East Council, and is invited to make comments on these Applications.

To find out what else the Parish Council does see the annual calendar and roles and responsibilities.


The Parish Council is funded directly by residents of Over Peover, via precept from Cheshire East (total £10,000 per annum in 2014/2015). Councillors receive no salary, the Clerk receives an annual fee, and payments of disbursements and expenses are subject to approval and minute during OPPC meetings. The Council managed funds and disbursements for the 2006-2011 Parish Plan activities. further details of the parish finances can be found on the Parish Council finance page.

Members are required to comply with a Code of Conduct and the Council’s Standing Orders.


Meetings are held 10 times per year, currently in Over Peover Village Hall on Stocks Lane, usually starting at 19:45 on the last Tuesday of the month (no meeting August or December).

Meetings are open to the press and public. Please confirm meeting arrangements, venue and agenda on this website or via noticeboards.

The Village annual meeting usually takes place to follow the March Parish Council meeting (PC meeting 19:00-20:00, annual meeting starts at 20:00)

Residents may raise items of concern by prior notice via the Clerk.

Please check meeting agenda notices for start time and venue (see Meeting Dates & Agendas on this website, and the main OPPC noticeboard in the Village).

Minutes of Meetings and Council Information

OPPC complies with Freedom of Information law and endeavours to meet residents’ information and communication requirements. Where residents require paper copies of information from the Council, then a charge may be made (see Information).

Agendas are displayed on the Village Noticeboards and the Minutes are displayed in the Parish Council section of this website.

The Parish Council publishes information according to its Freedom of information under the Model Publication Scheme for public bodies.

Council information is made available by various means, including:

  • on the village noticeboards
  • on this website
  • directly from the Clerk

Council meetings are open to the public. Where a request is made to the Clerk for paper copies of documents, then a charge will be made for that service. Charges are detailed in the Freedom of information guide.

The Parish Council has a GDPR policy which tells you how your data is managed.  If you wish to receive emails from the Parish Council please complete a consent form and send it to

Contact your Parish Council

You may contact the Council via the Parish Clerk:
Mrs Shareen Worthington
1 Woodlands End

SK11 9BF


Telephone: 01625 861101  (Tuesdays and Fridays 10.30am – 3pm)

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