WI PRESS REPORT – MEETINGS 26TH JUNE AND 31ST JULY – Belly Dancing and Dead Bodies!







Guests from several local WIs were welcomed at our Garden meeting in June when we were all delighted by Fatima – an oriental belly dancer who explained the origins of the dance with amazing animated facial expressions. Her energetic and accomplished dancing was only eclipsed by her wonderful turn of phrase which was part Liverpudlian, part Ancient Egyptian. Members were inveigled into joining in as various costumed characters in her oriental “cabaret”. It was huge fun and very entertaining. Members were applauded for their success in the Cheshire Show: a 2nd for a floral arrangement for Angela Eccles and a 3rd for jewellery making for Rosalind Jackson and 4 other commendations. Good results for a small WI. We congratulated them as we enjoyed the wonderful supper provided by the Catering Committee.


At the recent July meeting, after we finalised arrangements for a number of exciting trips and our summer meal we heard about “Otzi the Iceman” from Peter and Simon Rose. A chance visit to the Bolzano museum during a family holiday near Lake Garda led to a passionate interest in an ancient body found on the Italian/Austrian border in September 1991. About 45 years old when he died, he had been preserved by the dry air and then the snow and ice for about 5200 years! The fascinating thing about “Otzi” is that he had so much equipment and personal items on and around him. These have told the historians so much about him and the life he led but controversy still rages about the cause of death. We were still mesmerised as we tucked into the fabulous meringues and cakes provided by Jean Irlam and Margaret Nightingale.



We meet at 7.30pm on the last Thursday of the month at Over Peover Village Hall. There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and speakers are invariably of a very high standard as are the homemade cakes and tea to follow. New members are very welcome.



Vivienne Cunningham, Press Officer

01625 861934 gareth.viv@lineone.net