Inviting Comments on Planning Application

It is with some regret that we have to inform you that a large extension has been built, not only without planning permission but in spite of a refusal of permission, at a house on Stocks Lane. 

We’re sure we do not have to remind you that the planning regulations are there to protect us and our homes from unacceptable development of neighbouring land, which may detract from our enjoyment of our property and possibly adversely affect its value.

The Neighbourhood Plan team have worked very hard to draft policies regarding the types of development which would be acceptable in the village, with a view both to protect our individual properties and to maintain the character of the village that we all love.

If these requirements are ignored we could end up with a free-for-all and our village may become unrecognisable.  For this reason it is suggested that you may like to comment on the application which has now been submitted, for retrospective planning permission for this extension.

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, you can find the application by typing ‘Cheshire East Planning’ into Google.  Click on ‘Viewing Planning Applications’ then enter 21/0723M into the box and click ‘Search’.  Sometimes the site is a bit temperamental and you have to have two goes before the relevant application is found.  To the right of the screen you will see a yellow box entitled ‘Available Actions’.  Click on ‘Comment on this application’.  This will bring up a form to fill in and space to make your comments.  Your name will not be published on the website but your address will appear.  Comments must be submitted before March 17th 2021.  If you would prefer to send your comments in by post, the address to write to is Development Management, Cheshire East Council, PO Box 606, Municipal Buildings, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 9HP.