Home Watch

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 What is it?

A grouping of concerned neighbours who combine together under the leadership of a volunteer area co-ordinator to protect their property from criminal activity by maintaining vigilance in their immediate vicinity.

Each Home Watch group is allocated a Scheme number and all addresses within a Scheme are registered with the local police. Members are asked to report any suspicious activity to the police or their area co-ordinator

Participants in schemes are also encouraged to ‘invisibly’security mark their valuables using permanent marker pens available from Home Watch co-ordinators.


Why is there a need for HomeWatch?

Police resources are limited and in the battle to fight crime local residents can play a vital role in both deterring criminal activity and providing valuable intelligence to local police. This is particularly important in sparsely populated rural areas, less intensively policed and often some distance from police stations.


Does Over Peover have HomeWatch schemes?

Yes. There are currently eight schemes in the village. These are mainly concentrated in areas where there are clusters of residential property e.g. Stocks Lane, Peover Heath, Boundary Lane/Cinder lane and Free Green Lane.

Apart from neighbourly co-operation, are there any other advantages in joining HomeWatch?

Some insurance companies offer HomeWatch Scheme members discounted premiums on household contents policies. Area co-ordinators receive crime bulletins containing information on local crimes. This enables them to keep scheme members advised of criminal activity including scams such as bogus callers. (See the “crime bulletins” link above for the latest alert.)

HomeWatch = Looking after each other!

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