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Easter egg and bunny hunt pictures

Here are some lovely images of the decorations displayed by residents this Easter

Egg and bunny hunt pictures

Notice of Casual Vacancy

Please see notice below regarding a vacancy on the Parish Council

Casual Vacancy Notice 

Over Peover Easter Bunny Hunt

Over Peover Easter Bunny Hunt

Inviting Comments on Planning Application

It is with some regret that we have to inform you that a large extension has been built, not only without planning permission but in spite of a refusal of permission, at a house on Stocks Lane. 

We’re sure we do not have to remind you that the planning regulations are there to protect us and our homes from unacceptable development of neighbouring land, which may detract from our enjoyment of our property and possibly adversely affect its value.

The Neighbourhood Plan team have worked very hard to draft policies regarding the types of development which would be acceptable in the village, with a view both to protect our individual properties and to maintain the character of the village that we all love.

If these requirements are ignored we could end up with a free-for-all and our village may become unrecognisable.  For this reason it is suggested that you may like to comment on the application which has now been submitted, for retrospective planning permission for this extension.

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, you can find the application by typing ‘Cheshire East Planning’ into Google.  Click on ‘Viewing Planning Applications’ then enter 21/0723M into the box and click ‘Search’.  Sometimes the site is a bit temperamental and you have to have two goes before the relevant application is found.  To the right of the screen you will see a yellow box entitled ‘Available Actions’.  Click on ‘Comment on this application’.  This will bring up a form to fill in and space to make your comments.  Your name will not be published on the website but your address will appear.  Comments must be submitted before March 17th 2021.  If you would prefer to send your comments in by post, the address to write to is Development Management, Cheshire East Council, PO Box 606, Municipal Buildings, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 9HP.

Changes to Chelford Train Services

There is a consultation out about train services from Chelford, which requires a response by 10th March.

It’s difficult to know how to respond because all options seem to make things worse for Chelford, or at least not better.  Option A proposes to leave things as they are but with increased reliability so that would be marginally better.

Please take a look at the links below.  The first is from the Chelford Village Newsletter which gives a synopsis of the proposals.  It looks fairly complicated until compared with the document on the Government website which is fiendishly difficult to evaluate.

I think the best we can do is to email the consultation on to say that:

  • we do not want journey items to be extended,
  • we think that the route through Stockport is to be preferred (because residents work or go to school along the Stockport line, it is a shorter journey time and it is a useful interchange for other services.  The proposal to re-route the service via the Styal line is not clear as to whether the trains would stop at the Airport therefore we would get longer journey times to Manchester without any trade-off benefit) and
  • if the present proposals do not give us a better service they should go back to the drawing board.  Even with Options B and C we would still have a gap in service in the afternoon.

If you wish to respond in writing, the address is:

MRTF Consultation,
3rd floor,
Department for Transport,
Great Minster House,
33, Horseferry Road,

Chelford Village Website – Synopsis of Proposals

Government Website – Consultation Document

Please remember that the cut-off date is 10th March and do not delay in responding or they will think that we don’t care.  Even if we do not use the trains there are plenty in Chelford and the surrounding parishes who do and it is vital for those who cannot drive, such as schoolchildren and the elderly.  By rights the proposals should be offering Chelford a more frequent direct service to Manchester and Stockport to take account of the recent increase in population.

Census 2021

Be a part of Census 2021 poster

17/02/21 – Everyone to benefit from Census 2021 (

Peover School Fundraising

Please see attached letter on ways to support PTA fundraising for Peover Superior Primary School

School PTA Fundraising

Bessie Coppack

Bessie Coppack passed away peacefully on the 21st January 2021 in Knutsford.

Bessie Coppack was one of Over Peover longest permanent resident at the age of 92.

Bessie was born at Rose Cottage, Peover Heath on the 4th December 1928; the eldest child of Alice and Charles Ward. Bessie had a pre-deceased brother called Ernest.

Bessie moved to Laundry Cottages at the age of five and went to school in Over Peover to the age of 14 years. During the war she helped to pick potatoes for a company called Braithwaites before taking up the position of dairy maid for Mr Griffiths at Peover Hall Farm. At the age of 17 joined the Land Army, of which she was very proud, working for Mr Huntbach at Hollins Green Farm at Cool Pilate in Nantwich. Bessie had to leave the Land Army earlier that she would have liked as her mother became ill and she was needed at home to look after her.

Bessie met her future husband Ernest Coppack at the age of 17 while in the Land Army. They married at St Lawrence’s Church in March 1948. They had four children David, Diane, Peter and Joan. Eventually having 8 grandchildren and later for Bessie 15 great-grandchildren. Ernest passed away in 1979 at the age of 60 leaving Bessie a widow for almost 42 years.

Bessie had various other jobs throughout her life including school caretaker at the local primary school, turkey farming for Mr and Mrs Stokes and lastly working in a newsagents in Knutsford retiring at the age of 67.

Bessie was a parish councillor for 25 years, secretary for the British Legion at the now disbanded Chelford Branch, remaining a member of the British Legion to the end, and was also a renowned poppy seller round the village. She was also a founder committee member of the village’s over 60s Christmas party and was on the Parochial church council for a many number of years.

Bessie was a very keen crown green bowler playing for the Dixon Arms Ladies team and also at Radbroke Hall for a short time. She had to give up bowling after suffering a bad fall which damaged her right shoulder.

Radbroke Hall and Holly Tree House


You may have received an email earlier this week regarding the two planning applications at Radbroke Hall, Over Peover and Holly Tree House, Marthall.    That letter stated that the closing date for objections had been extended to 21st January.

This information is incorrect. The date for comments/objections from the general public remains as 24th December for Radbroke Hall and 23rd December for Holly Tree House.

The extended date to 21st January date is only for your Parish Council to make comments.

You may have already submitted a response to either or both applications.

Representatives of the four Parish Councils, Chelford, Ollerton with Marthall, Over Peover and Snelson met via Zoom on Tuesday evening to consider a joint response for each application and have decided to recommend to their own parishes the following;

Radbroke Hall, Over Peover – 20/4747M

  1. To raise concerns regarding the amount of traffic to be generated by the new development, particularly construction traffic as the planned development is likely to take some years.
  2. To ensure that construction traffic uses agreed major access routes and the local lanes are signposted as no access routes.
  3. To seek traffic calming and road safety measures on the local network of lanes that carry traffic to this place from the north and east directions.
  4. To raise concerns over the height of the proposed new building. It is stated that this building will not exceed the height of the existing tower, however it will make a considerably greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt as the proposed building is substantially larger than the tower and will be easily visible from many of the heavily used footpaths and bridleways to the east of the site.  The existing buildings on site, with the exception of the tower, tend to be low-lying and completely screened from view by the landscaping.

Holly Tree House, Marthall – 20/4976

To raise objections to this development for the following reasons;

  1. It is wholly contrary to National & local Green Belt policy and is contrary to the current Cheshire East Local Plan. It is an inappropriate location for elderly residents, cut off from local amenities.
  2. There are no “very special circumstances’ that would allow such an intensive development to take place in the Green Belt.
  3. It will cause serious environmental harm to its locality by way of noise and light pollution.
  4. There are concerns regarding the local surface water drainage pattern and local flooding which we believe will be made worse by this proposal.
  5. The considerable increase in traffic created by this development, both during the construction period and when completed will cause considerable harm to the local residents, particularly those living on Pepper St, Chelford Lane, Mill Lane and Stocks Lane.
  6. The impact on the local surgery and medical facilities, particularly given the likely ages of the residents and the differing types of accommodation shown in the application.

Both applications have road traffic and road safety issues and so all four Parish Councils have agreed jointly to instruct highways consultants to advise them and provide recommendations on what measures should be sought to mitigate this problem. which we believe will become a growing one over time, particularly as there is an increasing number of walkers, riders and cyclists using the local network of lanes.

We realise that with the Christmas celebrations, time is short to make any comments on the Radbroke Hall application or to make objections on the Holly Tree House application, but if you decide to do so then it will help your Parish Council with their efforts on both of them.

You can reply by using the Council’s planning website.  Go to View planning applications, insert the application number and then follow the links to comment on each one.

However, you may like to send any comments/objections to your Parish Council that they can take into account in their responses.  The address to write to is,

If you require any help or guidance on submitting your comments please contact us.

Serious Incident – Chelford Lane

We would like to ask for your help with regard to a serious fire at Moss Farm on Monday night which started between the hours of 7.45-9.20 p.m. and required 10 fire engine crews to extinguish. The incident has now been confirmed as arson.  It is believed that the intruders may have approached the barn from the rear, over the fields from Wellbank Lane.

Were you out and about on Monday night?  Did you notice any odd activity?  Unfamiliar vehicles, people carrying anything that seems not quite right or unusual vehicle activity in the vicinity of Wellbank Lane or Chelford Lane?  Do you or any of your neighbours have CCTV which might have caught any unusual activity anywhere in the area surrounding Moss Farm?  If you think you remember seeing anything at all please get in touch because it may prove to be a vital piece of information in the police’s search for the culprits.




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