Broadband Update

I have had so many of you email me with regards to a progress update on Broadband provision for the Lower Peover (01565) exchange.


I am hoping I can give you all some good news. 


Firstly the properties on Stocks Lane who’s high speed broadband connection is part of Phase Two of the Connecting Cheshire project, this as you all are aware was supposed to be completed by the end of the summer 2017, was then delayed to December 2017.  I have now had an update from Connecting Cheshire who say: “Yes work is continuing, there has been a problem with accessing a couple of the connection boxes along Stocks Lane as these we previously tarmac-ed over so they need to locate these first.  However all being well they expect to complete the work during the next quarter – i.e. before end of June.”


Secondly the Properties not covered by Connecting Cheshire, those in Peover Park, down Long Lane and on The A50.  Tatton Estate Management (who work for the Brooks Family) have had some success with connectivity in this area. They have not succeeded with anything through BT Openreach but are looking at an alternative system which they hope will meet the needs of those not covered by BT.  I will email you all with an update as soon as I have heard from them to find out what the time scale will be for the work to be done, to see just what coverage they will be able to offer and what costs are likely to be.


Stuart Simpson is still trying to get a solution via openreach for the A50 and Peover park properties


So please know there is work going on to try and improve your broadband