Broadband Breakthrough! The Latest Communication from Connecting Cheshire

Dear All,

I am delighted to confirm that over the holiday period Openreach completed work on upgrading Lower Peover V2 and V35 areas to FTTP.

The following postcodes should now be able to benefit from faster speeds:

LP V2:

WA169HQ, WA169HG, WA169EZ, WA169EX, WA169RF, WA168TN, WA169HE, WA168SL, WA169HD, WA169HF, WA169RE, WA169HA, WA169ET, WA169HB, WA168TW

LP V35:

WA168TH, WA169PF, WA168TL, WA169ET, WA169ES, WA169ER, WA169PE

This should total approximately 58 premises reached.

Check the Connecting Cheshire website to see if your home or business can be upgraded and then contact your Internet Service Provider or shop around for the best deal and order a fibre broadband service – it doesn’t happen automatically and you could make a saving compared with your current broadband contract! For more see:

Please note:

1. Be aware that this does not mean every premise in every postcode will be reached, the way the network is configured may result in some not yet being able to switch, unlike FTTC, this network is built around individual premises, also it is possible that some premises will be too far from the nearest distribution point to benefit, as we only fund the network to the curtilage. If this occurs please raise directly with Openreach who can investigate further via their online form. In such cases Openreach can often connect a premise but there may be an excess construction charge levied by the ISP, this is outside our control.

2. As this locality will benefit from fibre to the premise (FTTP) technology, there are a limited number of internet service providers selling FTTP at present – they include BT Retail, PlusNet and Zen, although we expect more providers will join the market as the technology becomes more widely available – this is outside our control and is a commercial decision made by individual ISPs.

Thanks for your patience, as you know this has been a very challenging piece of work for Openreach; let’s hope as many residents as possible can now take up this opportunity and benefit from the investment.

We would be pleased to provide leaflets and hold a photo-call to celebrate if you wish.

Regards Andrew

The Connecting Cheshire Team