Village Show

The Village Show is part of village history and it has been running for decades.  It’s been three years since the last show and the theme of this year’s show is “LETS CELEBRATE”.

Everyone is welcome to come along and entries are open to residents and anyone affiliated with the village. Organised by the WI, it’s a great opportunity for the village to come together.

Entry forms and show guides are available to download below:

village show guide

entry form

Or copies can be obtained from show organisers Angela & Judy.

 Angela Eccles Tel 01625 861314,  email:

 Judy Wienholdt Tel 01625 861488, email:

Here are some pictures from previous shows,

P1000533 P1000535 P1000536 P1000537 P1000538 P1000539 P1000540 P1000542 P1000543 P1000544 P1000545 P1000550 P1000551 P1000552 P1000555 P1000557 P1000562 P1000563 P1000568 P1000570 P1000571 P1000573 P1000574 P1000575 P1000576 P1000577 P1000578 P1000580 P1000581 P1000584 P1000589 P1000594

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