Annual Calendar and Roles and responsibilities of Parish Councillors

Annual Calendar of events for Peover Superior Parish Council

  Over Peover
January Finalise Budget               Set Precept
February Set Meeting Dates for next calendar year
March Annual Parish Meeting


April Approve Accounts and Annual Governance Statements                       Finalise Newsletter
May Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (Elect Chair and Vice Chair)               Appoint Councillor Roles and Responsibilities             Insurance Due
June Appoint Auditor
July Review Standing orders and Financial Regulations  Conduct risk Assessment
September Personnel Meeting 


Finalise Newsletter

Tender documents for work before budget

October War Memorial clean and wreath for remembrance          
November Agree Budget                Order Christmas Tree
December  Erect and decorate Christmas tree

·       Communication 

 o   Website – Clerk, Kathy Doyle, Phil Welch

o   Newsletter All

o   Distribution of Newsletter  All

o   Notice boards – 

o   Posting agenda of meetings – Phil Welch, Susan Mills, Kathy Doyle, Vicki Irlam

 ·       Annual Audit and Financial regulations – Kathy Doyle

·       Planning – All

 ·       Risk assessment – Phil Welch

 ·       Review Standing Orders – Kathy Doyle

 ·       Highways – John Hehir

o   Speedwatch – Jayne Rudd, John Hehir

 ·       Public rights of way – Susan Mills, Phil Welch, Vicki Irlam and Kathy Doyle

 ·       Peover educational foundation – John Hehir

 ·       War Memorial and remembrance  –David Clarke

 ·       Personnel committee – Kathy Doyle, Jayne Rudd, David Clarke

 ·       Village Hall sub committee – Phil Welch, David Irlam

·       Village Hall management committee – Jayne Rudd, Kathy Doyle


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