Neighbourhood Plan

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Proposed Development in the Village

Following the recent survey of Parish residents views on the development of 12-14 homes plus a village community facility proposed by Crabtree Homes on the Greenbelt land opposite to the entrance to Colshaw Hall, below are the results of the survey. The survey was conducted on a household by household basis rather than by individual responses to provide a general litmus test of views in the Village. Where households returned multiple copies for each member of the household (in all cases strongly objecting) these were treated as one response only except that individual comments, where provided, were taken into account.

There were 282 survey questionnaires issued of which 116 were returned which is a return rate of 41%. As can be seen from the chart above almost 90% of households (101 returns) objected or strongly objected to the proposal tabled by Crabtree Homes. There were only 5 households who were either supportive or strongly supportive of the proposal.

Those that were supportive highlighted in their comments that communities need to develop, that more housing is needed nationally and that “the offer of a free Village Hall should not be dismissed out of hand”.

Of those that objected or strongly objected to the proposal and provided comments, the overwhelming reasons were to the building of houses on greenbelt land and the precedent that this development would set; there being no proven need for additional housing in the Village; and the additional traffic and the access to the site which was considered as being on a dangerous bend. These reasons were cited by about half of those who had strongly objected to the proposal. About a quarter of those who strongly objected also cited that the village facilities were inadequate to meet the additional housing; that the proposal was not aligned to the Parish Plan in terms of preserving the openness of the Village and preferring development on brownfield sites; and that a more centralised location nearer the school was preferred for a new Village Hall.

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